Basic $20/hr. Min 3hrs.

Total Relax Package

1x Weekly 3 Hours$240 (Book Now)

1x Weekly 4 Hours$320 (Book Now)

1x Weekly 5 Hours$400 (Book Now)

Ultra Comfort Package

2x Weekly 3 Hours $480 (Book Now)

2x Weekly 4 Hours$640 (Book Now)

2x Weekly 5 Hours$800 (Book Now)

Super Luxury Package

3x Weekly 3 Hours$720 (Book Now)

3x Weekly 4 Hours$960 (Book Now)

3x Weekly 5 Hours$1200 (Book Now)

Our service model will be based on ONE housekeeper ONE home basis. This method will provide the customers with a specific, unique and personalized service with closer understanding and comfort. In addition, this service model helps to establish good relationships between housekeepers and customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction and improve the reputation of our company.

  1. Personalized in-house trained female Singaporean housekeepers
  2. Free replacement of housekeepers.
  3. Insurance coverage
  4. No limitation on ironing qty/time.
  5. All cleaning chores can be customized in accordant to customer’s requirement.
  6. Flexibility in postponement/cancellation/re-schedule/suspension of service/No service-No billing
  7. Convenient monthly payment via cheque or fund transfer through internet banking.